Week 6

September 29th, 2015

Week 6 Tuesday

Re: Exploration & Reading Assignments:

  • Read Lev Manovich’s “How to Compare One Million Images?” up to page 21 (the rest of the article is optional reading). Why are the limits of studying visual arts in the traditional way (looking at them closely with our naked eyes, and describing and interpreting the differences with words)? How is the new method the author recommends?
  • Do you think the new method differs from the traditional approach in nature or only in degree? (The short blog post “The Meaning of Statistics and Digital Humanities” from the same author provides helpful insights to this question.)

Getting prepared for the lab:

  • Follow the hyperlink here to download ImagePlot_v1.1.zip (the 110 MB version). (No need to install it.) If you’d like to do more (optionally), download and get a glimpse of the software’s manual here: ImagePlot documentation.

Week 6 Thursday (No preparation needed)

Study Guide:

Re: Exploration & Reading Assignments:

  • Read “Text Analysis, Data Mining, and Visualizations in Literary Scholarship”. What are the strengths and limits of “distant reading”? How should humanists make best use of it?
  • Explore Projects from Software Studies Initiative.
    • Amy and Maddie are presenters for today. Please pick your favorite project and be prepared to share it with the class through a short 3- to 5-minute presentation. Do not pick “One Million Manga” as your favorite.
    • All others: Please also pick your favorite and be prepared to share it with others in small groups. Do not pick “One Million Manga” as your favorite.

Getting Prepared for the Peer Review Workshop:

  • Print out the draft of your first essay and bring it to class.


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