Week 8

October 15th, 2015

Week 8 Thursday

Re: Reading and Exploration Assignments:

  • Read Healy’s “Using Metadata to Find Paul Revere”. Consider the following questions:
    • Who was the key person involved in “terrorist groups operating within the Colonies”? How did the “junior analytical scribe” at the old “Royal Security Administration” find him out? (What is the “metadata”?)
    • What are the most important characteristics of the method used by the junior analytical scribe? Compared to the “distant reading” methods: What assumptions does it make? What are its particular strengths and weaknesses?
  • Everyone please explore Inventing Abstraction (“Connections” section only), EdgeMaps, and Connected China (“Social Power” section only). How does each website visualize “power” or “influence”? What assumptions do they make?
  • Short Presentations: Presenters today are Amy (Inventing Abstraction), Cale (EdgeMaps), and Chris (Connected China > Social Power). Please give a 3-minute demonstration on the website assigned to you.
  • [optional] Read Gingras’s “Mapping the Structure of the Intellectual Field Using Citation and Co-Citation Analysis of Correspondences.” Focus on its methodology. What data does it use to draw what conclusions? Do you find it persuasive? Why?

Getting Prepared for the Lab:

  • None.

Writing Assignment:

  • Start working on your second reflective essay. Use bubbl.us to create the concept map for your second reflective essay. Submit your concept map to the online drop box before noon on Thursday. Please also bring a copy (digital or printed) of your concept map to class for peer feedbacks.
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