November 17th, 2015

Week 1 (Aug 25, 27):

Tuesday: Introduction to (Humanities) Visualization

Thursday: Visualizations: Past and Present

Module I. Experience, Visuals, and Narratives

Week 2 (Sep 1, 3):

Tuesday: Preservation and Reconstruction

 Thursday: Time(s) and Timelines

Week 3 (Sep 8, 10):

Tuesday: Mapping Stories and Story Maps

 Thursday: Hypertext and “Deep” Graphs

Week 4 (Sep 15, 17):

Tuesday: Project 1 (Digital Storytelling) Tutorial

Thursday: Project 1 (Digital Storytelling) Presentations

  • Start working on Writing Assignment 1

Module II. “Distant Reading”

Week 5 (Sep 22, 24):

Tuesday: Let’s Count! How to Read Texts from a Distance (“Distant Reading”)

Thursday: “Knowing a Word by the Company It Keeps”: Topic Modeling

Week 6 (Sep 29, Oct 1):

Tuesday: “Reading” Images from a Distance (I)

Thursday: “Reading” Images from a Distance (II)

Week 7 (Oct 6, 8):

Tuesday: Project 2 (Distant Reading) Tutorial

  • Writing Assignment 1: Final essay due before class

Thursday: Project 2 (Distant Reading) Presentations

  • Start working on Writing Assignment 2

Module III. Understanding Structural Patterns

Week 8 (Oct 13, 15):

Tuesday: Fall Recess (No Class)

Thursday: From Contents to Structures: An Alternative Way of Reading a Text from Distance (or by Not Reading It At All!)

Week 9 (Oct 20, 22):

Tuesday: Structure from Contents: Networks from Topic Models

Thursday: Different Approaches to Plot Analysis

Week 10 (Oct 27, 29):

Tuesday: Writing Workshop: Revising an Essay

Thursday: Gephi Practice Session

Week 11 (Nov 3, 5):

Tuesday: Project 3 (Network Visualization) Tutorial

Thursday: Project 3 (Network Visualization) Presentations

  • Start working on Writing Assignment 3

Module IV. Understanding Spatial Patterns

Week 12 (Nov 10, 12):

Tuesday: Understanding Networks in Space

Thursday: Spatial Analysis

Week 13 (Nov 17, 19):

Tuesday: Visualizing Spatial Data

Thursday: The Politics of Technology, or the Concerns of Digital Humanists

Week 14 (Nov 24, 26): Thanksgiving Break – No Class

Week 15 (Dec 1, 3):

Tuesday: Project 4 (Spatial Visualization) Tutorial

  • Writing Assignment 3: Second Draft due before noon

Thursday: Project 4 (Spatial Visualization) Presentations

Developing a Final Project

Week 16 (Dec 8):

Tuesday: Concluding Discussions & Final Project Development

  • Writing Assignment 3: Final Draft due before noon
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