Writing Assignment 3

November 10th, 2015

Choose one of the following options and write a short reflection paper.

Option 1: Create a word cloud for the literary text which you use for module project 3. Compare the word cloud and your network graph of character interactions. Discuss how different ways of visualization lead to different interpretations of the same text.

Option 2: Compare your network graph of character interactions with a network graph created by another student/team in our class. Discuss what similarities and/or differences between the two literary texts these network graphs reveal.

Three Drafts Policy:
For writing assignment 3, you have the opportunity to submit two early drafts for faculty comments before sending in the final essay. Each draft is expected to achieve a specific goal. In the first draft, you are expected to have a clear and defensible argument. Your second draft is expected to have a strong argumentative structure. For a useful guide on how to structure an argumentative paper, click here (this structure is explained in details here). Your final draft is expected to meet all requirements of a college paper, including argument, structure, language, citation, and the mechanics, such as grammar and spelling. Faculty comments on the first two drafts, accordingly, will focus on argument and structure respectively. Students who submit an excellent first or second draft may be waived of subsequent drafts.

Due dates:
Nov 17: First draft (the argument draft) due at noon. Submit it to the online drop box before noon.
Dec 1: Second draft (the organization draft) due at noon. Submit it to the online drop box before noon.
Dec 8: Final draft due at noon. Submit to the online drop box before noon.

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