Week 9

October 19th, 2015

Week 9 Tuesday

Re: Reading Assignments

All assigned readings for today’s class use network visualization to explore the relationship between documents. Read the blogpost / book chapter assigned to your group. Be prepared to share in class how you interpret each network graph: How is each graph constructed? And what does it tell us? (To answer these questions, it is useful to think through both the data being visualized and the symbology used to visualize the data. Some specific questions may include: What does the node represent? What does the line (the tie) between nodes represent? How is the relationship between the nodes calculated? Why are nodes and ties colored and sized differently?)

  • Group 1: read Elijah Meeks
  • Group 2: read Matthew Jockers
  • Group 3: read Ted Underwood

Group assignment:
Group 1: Jaquelin, Courtney, Cenjay, Hunter, Brian, Nicole
Group 2: Amy, Allie, Chris, Anne, Andrew, Elise Weilandt
Group 3: Emerson, Cale, Richard, Talia, Maddie

Re: Exploration Assignments

  • Visual Complexity collects network visualizations on a wide range of subjects. Filter by SUBJECT (the filtering dropdown list is on the right side of your screen). Pick one or two subject categories and take a look at a few visualizations in those categories. What is being visualized? What does the visualization reveal? Come and share your thoughts with the class.
  • Short Presentations:
    Presenters today are Nicole (Itinera) and Allie (Kindred Britain). Please give a 3-minute demonstration on the website assigned to you. Are these visualizations meaningful and/or effective? What advice would you give to their developers for further improvement?

Get Prepared for the Lab:

  • Download and install Gephi following the instructions here.
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